Portable Dental Office Equipment

Not all dentistry happens in the office. Sometimes clinicians need to be mobile, whether they’re working on a dental mission trip or volunteering somewhere in their community. Portable dental office equipment makes that possible, and includes delivery systems, patient chairs, handpiece systems and operatory lights. Portable dental office equipment is also an option for small dental practices that plan to expand in the future. Working with manufacturers can help you determine which equipment is right for you and your practice.

What Types of Portable Dental Office Equipment Are Available for My Practice?

Whether you’re looking for handpiece systems, seating or trays, there are plenty of portable options available, including:

  • Tray and Equipment Stands

  • Air Compressors

  • Delivery Systems

  • Handpiece Systems

  • Patient Chair

  • Instrument Trays

  • Operator Stools

  • Operatory Lights

  • Suction Units

What Should I Consider When Selecting Portable Dental Office Equipment?

It’s important to work with a reputable manufacturer when purchasing portable equipment. Before making a decision, ask manufacturers about the equipment’s warranty and what type of service they provide both during and after implementation. If you’re a growing practice, invest in equipment that best fits your needs.

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