How to choose effective extraoral aerosol suction machine

The Extraoral Dental Suction Systems allows dentists to safely remove droplets and aerosol particles created while providing treatment! Moreover, the system is able to filter the blood, viruses, germs, fluids, & dust that would otherwise end up contaminating your operatory, clothes, and body! The extra-oral suction system provides a practical and effective solution to mitigate the risk posed by aerosols by quickly removing and filtering them. Suction away aerosols generated by dental procedures using this specifically designed unit. Protect your clinical teams and patients from the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses generated from aerosols.

How to choose Effective Extra oral dental Suction System:

Before finalizing an external oral suction one must understand its mechanism. An extraoral suction has two main parts.

Suction unit: Suction Unit arm length must be long enough to provide enough space to work together with assistant. 4 hand dentistry needs at least 1.5 meters or above suction arm length. Heavy power above 1000 watt gives more power to suck aerosols.

Sterilizer unit (Like Air Purifier): To disinfect the aerosols sucked, a good extra oral suction need 4 main filter mechanism. washable primary effective cotton + Water vapor absorbing filter + HEPA filter + Active carbon filter + UVC disinfection amp

The primary filter cleans all dust and debris particles mixed with air and water in aerosols. filtered air is sterilized by UV light and all microbes & viruses are killed by UV light. Active carbon filter plays the most important role by discharging and killing these microbes & viruses. It sticks to the surface and increases its size so, that it can be finally filtered by HEPA filter which has a capacity of 0.3 microns. Finally, filtered air comes out which is purely clean. Now, you will get sterilized air for your operative area.

Combine use of Intra and extra oral suction provide maximum results and you can decrease up to 99.9% microbes from your working area during any procedure which creates aerosols.

Recently a high quality tested extra oral suction is introduced in USA. ADC External Oral Suction V105 fulfills all the requirements of good extra oral suction. The long working arm helps in aerosols filtration and disinfection of system which include washable primary effective cotton, Water vapor absorbing filter, UVC disinfection lamp, Active carbon filter and HEPA filter which is considered best in the industry can be used safely in the clinic. The use of both Intra and Extra oral suction is highly recommended. So, start using it in your practice and keep yourself and your staff free from all aerosols transmitted infections and diseases.

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