Maximizing comfort and efficiency with dental chairs: A product roundup

Taking a look at some of the top dental chairs and treatment units.

Options abound when it comes to dental chairs and treatment units. While once a basic piece of dental equipment, dental chairs have evolved to maximize comfort for both the patient and the dentist.

Patient comfort remains at the core of dental chair design. From double articulating headrests to programmable touch pads to even built-in heat and massage systems, companies are making sure patients have a comfortable experience when they visit the dentist office.

A greater emphasis is being placed on the comfort of the dental teams, too. Dentists and hygienists spend countless hours hovering over patients, so it is important to select a chair that will lower the risk of developing discomfort or pain. Dental chairs and treatment units now feature narrow backs and height-adjustable components, allowing practitioners to maintain proper posture while providing treatment.

Ensuring the dental chair or treatment unit fits in with the esthetics of the office is also key. Multiple colors, fabrics and paint finishes are being offered to allow dentists greater flexibility when it comes to selecting the right products for their office.

We at ADC wanted to take a look at some of the newest options the dental chair market has to offer. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current equipment or start designing your dental office from scratch, we hope you will find a dental chair or treatment unit that works best for you and your patients.


ADC Standard 1000 series

The Standard 1000 series dental chair by ADC features a thin, narrow back and low height adjustment, designed to allow the operator to be in proper working position regardless of patient size. The dental chair is available in eleven colors. The backrest features a deep scoop that’s engineered to allow the headrest to be positioned lower to support smaller patients or children while also comfortably supporting larger patients’ shoulders and heads. Foldout armrests reportedly facilitate easy entry and exit of patients. Each chair comes with a three-year warranty | 855-322-4247

ADC Comfort 2000 series

The ADC comfort 2000 series dental chair is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort for dental teams and their patients. This chair reportedly allows practitioners to get close enough to the patient to maintain a healthy posture, reducing pain and discomfort. Scientific pressure mapping is engineered to offer ultimate patient comfort. Unique cushioning is said to reduce pressure points and provide support across the patient’s body. In addition, the dental chair is designed to synchronize the chair’s movement with the natural movement of the patient, creating a “virtual pivot” that reportedly eliminates repositioning when the chair is lowered or raised. | 855-322-4247

ADC Luxury 3500 series

The Luxury 3500 builds on a strong foundation and is said to provide enhancements in doctor access, patient comfort and aesthetic appeal. The narrow backrest, coupled with the ability for the chair to go lower to the ground, is engineered to enable ideal oral cavity access for practitioners of any stature in a comfortable ergonomic position. The base design reportedly makes it easy for patients to enter and exit and provides enhanced stool access alongside the chair. Dual touch pads with one-touch programming are designed to simplify chair operation, minimizing unnecessary movement for dentists and their team. | 855-322-4247

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