Futuristic design coupled with ergonomics


Its sleek, sophisticated and lightweight design makes the I-Max an attractive and valuable asset for your clinic. With the 2D version weighing just 136 lbs, the I-Max is the lightest panoramic unit on the market. As with your intraoral generator, it is wall- mounted and connects to your network without the need for a dedicated PC.


Exceptional image quality


It’s more than just an innovative design. With the I-Max you can carry out all the examinations you need for your patients, and enjoy ultra-high definition images in every X-Ray. You'll be able to view all clinical and anatomical details with maximum precision and your diagnostics will be conducted in complete safety


Patient positioning made easy


Poor patient positioning is the reason behind the majority of failed images. Now, with its lasers and temple clamps, the I-Max features face-to-face operation, to ensure optimum patient positioning.  What’s more, your unit will immediately select the best adjustment in order to display a perfect image, without any intervention on your part. The I-Max is also unique in its didactic – and almost educational! - Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Its imaging tools and enhancing filters are automatically integrated into the control software


Easy to install and use


This ultra-compact and lightweight system comes in one easy-to-handle package.  Incorporating an exclusive "Easy to Install” system, the I-Max is delivered to your clinic fully assembled. Its intelligent installation system means that only one technician is required to fit it on the wall. An installation video is provided on our website and on our YouTube channel, Owandy Radiology. Crammed to the hilt with technology, all of its electronic components have been optimised. The I-Max minimizes the risk of system failures and facilitates maintenance work


List of programs


Boasting 24 programs, the I-Max is designed to conduct the full range of examinations your practice demands:


  • Standard panoramic
  • Right/left semi-panoramic
  • Reduced dose panoramic
  • Panoramic with improved orthogonality 
  • Standard bitewing
  • Left/right bitewing
  • Frontal dentition
  • Maxillary sinus examination
  • TMJ examinations
  • All these programs are available in both adult and child versions.


A controlled, balanced budget


The result of optimized manufacturing processes, the new I-Max clearly offers a superlative Performance/Investment ratio, with lower purchase, delivery and installation costs and easier maintenance. We haven’t compromised our image quality, however, which guarantees ultra-high definition results. By choosing the I-Max, you'll be using the smallest, lightest and most comprehensive panoramic system on the market.


$24,250.00 Regular Price
$21,000.00Sale Price